Olyan szépen szólt a magyar népdal az Európai Parlamentben, hogy az te is megkönnyezed!


Fiatalok látogattak az Európai Parlamentbe, ahol a jövőnkről kérdeztek, valamint javaslatokat tettek Európa jövőjével kapcsolatban. Az eseményen három magyar fiatal is jelen volt, ők egy csodaszép népdallal köszöntötték a képviselőket.

Nézd meg ezt a csodálatos hármast, a fiatalok vastapsot kaptak. Libabőr! A részlet 1:40 perctől hallható a videón.

Euroscola – 25 November 2016

"Could the newly President-elect of the USA really threaten the international agreement on climate change (#COP22), and if so, what is the position of the European Parliament?!…

What EU course of action is planned to respond to the Brexit situation?
Will English remain an official EU language once the UK has left the EU?

Why are no sanctions imposed on EU governments infringing the Maastricht economic and financial criteria?
Why is the € 1-billion budget earmarked by the ECB not used by the EIB instead to lend money at interesting rates to countries in difficulty, such as Greece?

Are there any negotiations taking place with countries neighbouring Syria to welcome their share of refugees?!…"

Those are some of the many questions asked by the students taking part in the Euroscola session of 25 November, thus demonstrating their good preparation, knowledge and keen interest in EU issues.

Watch this video to find out what were the other questions raised, as well as their proposals to tackle some burning issues, such as the integration of migrants or the future of Europe.

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